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Summer Week 10: Happy Birthday, Dad.


You ever just have a rough day?  From the moment you wake up everything just seems to be off.  Well, that has been my day.  Just off.  I have some theories.
1) My body knows that this is my last Friday of summer (for me, girls still have 2 more) and is rebelling.  Sorry body, if that is the case…you are only hurting us both- because your lack of strength today has only caused us to MISS the last Friday!!  On to nex theory…
2) My body is getting older and takes longer to recover from fun days.  This is possible…yesterday we went to Six Flags.  By the end of our 9 hour stay in the park, we rode a total of 18 rides.  That is 1 ride every 30 minutes.  The last ride I rode, I did throw up a little in my mouth.  That has enver happened before.  I knew I was done riding rides for that day.  Today, my body feels as if I was rolled over by a steam roller.  Yup, mentally still young…physically, well…not as young as I used to be!
3) Sometimes you just hold on to things that you shouldn’t hold on to..and that causes you to mentally be off.  Since you can’t catch and hold on to what you need to be holding on to.  That is also possible.  I need prayers if that is the case.  I have some hurt and anger in my heart that I just can’t seem to let go of.
4)  I subconsciously missed my dad.  Today would have been his 59th birthday.  However, 22 years ago on July 31st he died.   I try to not think about this.  It is sad.  There is nothing that can be done to answer all of those “what if…” questions.  So, most of the time I try to treat it as just another day.  Sometimes it is harder to do than others.  I didn’t even realize that today was his birthday until I logged on to FaceBook and saw my sister and brothers post wishing him a happy birthday.  Great timing, as I looked at those posts…I realized what song was playing.  The Gather Band singing “I Bowed On My Knees.”  There was one verse that stuck with me.  In the process of typing this, I have listened to it a couple more times…
When I entered the gates of the city
My Loved ones all knew me well
They took me down the streets of heaven
All the saints were too many to tell
I saw Abraham, Jacob and Isaac
Talked with Mark, sat down with Timothy
But then I said, I want to see Jesus
He’s the One who died for me

Comfort in the Father.  My Heavenly Father.  I’m one of the worst Christians and biggest sinners I know…but, I hope to improve- because there are two dad’s in Heaven that I’d really like to meet.  Until then, I have a pretty amazing father-in-law who has been a father to me for all of my adult life.

Well, for whatever reason…today has not been the best of days.  I still think it is because my body is in a state of rebellion against summer ending.  I think some ice cream will calm the storms of rebellion.  Yes, ice cream will most certainly do that!

Prior to this week, my last week of summer has been pretty good.  Monday, I had got to go to a curriculum planning meeting.  I met some of my co-workers…I think I will fit in well in the new surroundings.  I know this because I sang a duet of “Part of Your World,” with my instructional coach.  It does not matter if we were the only two singing and everyone else was slowly moving away from the table… we had a good time bonding- over curriculum and The Little Mermaid.  I think I am going to do an amazing job this year.  I told Jeff that now that I am “highly qualified” and can start getting credit for things that I do…I see an award or some sort of public recognition in the next 5 years.  I am confident enough in this that I made a bet with Jeff.  If I get a “Teacher of the Year” nomination, award, or any other type of special recognition along those lines within the first 5 years of teaching…he has to take me to an all-inclusive resort on a beach, exact location to be determined at a later date.  If I don’t in the first 5 years…well, then I have to take HIM to an all-inclusive resort on a beach, exact location to be determined at a later date.  I personally hope I win the bet- because I REALLY want to go to an all-inclusive resort on a beach…

Spending time with friends, surprising my grandma with some pictures (that I didn’t technically mail to her….inside joke between me and the grandma….), and getting to be young at heart (old in body) at Six Flags, and a concert tomorrow night (Christina Perri and Jason Mraz!!!!) are the highlights of my week.

I plan on continuing to blog throughout the school year.  I like writing.  It is calming for me.  And maybe, one day- I will finish that ever elusive book…