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Summer Week 9: A Straight Man, a Gay Man, and a Priest Walk into Chick-Fil-A


And what is the outcome?  Well, prior to this week- they would eat.  Food would be consumed.  I have not posted on Facebook anything about my personal opinion to this ordeal because 1) yeah, things I post on facebook have never been known to change anyone’s opinion, 2) nothing anyone has posted on facebook has ever changed MY opinion, and 3) last I checked there were plenty of people posting about Chick-Fil-A.  Besides, I have a weekly blog…

Here are my thoughts.
1) Don’t ask someone a question if you aren’t willing to accept their answer.
2) We live in a free nation, with that comes many opinions.  I do not agree with every opinion out there,  not everyone agrees with my opinion…even though I personally think they should.  I also know that opinions do not always look at facts, opinions can look at facts and twist the data to fit what they want it to support, and the general population usually doesn’t get the whole story before making its very strong opinions known.  On any and all sides that is true.
3) I am a consumer.  I don’t really care what the president, CEO, manager, clerk, or any employee believes.  If they sell me what I am needing, why does their opinion matter?  Oh my gosh!  Did I just say that- how horrible..right?!  Because…you don’t shop at Walmart, Target, buy gas, or shop at any store that doesn’t agree with your opinion?  I would suggest shopping at a local mom and pop shop instead, but yeah…we will run into the same problem there…darn those differing opinions.
4) To the Christians—Hey, I think it is cool that you all went to Chick-Fil-A on the same day and showed support.  I do think that is cool.  Had we had a Chick-Fil-A closer to us, I probably would have gone on that day as well.  I also probably would have gone before and after that day because, well, I like their food.  That is what I want to buy from them.  I have never given anyone there, or at any retailer, a penny for his or her thoughts.  I also think that showing support to something you believe in should not just come once.  As Christians, we are called to love.   Love and not judge.  Not throw out our righteous opinions out there.  Not condemn.  Not be better than anyone else.  Because we should remember two important things.  1) Jesus, who could have condemned, did not.  2) Christians, who have no biblical right to condemn, are supposed to follow in his footsteps.   So, support what you believe in!  Make a stand.  Everyone has the right to do that.  Just make sure your stand is one of love, not hate.  Which really wasn’t the case from what I saw.  But man, I have seen FaceBook posts from both sides that were just ugly and rude- oh, and childish!
5) To those that were offended by the opinion of the CEO— What good came out of bashing someone because of their life choice?  Last I checked, this was not like the Civil Rights Movement where anyone was discriminated against.  Did they not sell a sandwich to a homosexual?  Did they not take the money from any person because of his beliefs or choices?  I have been told this repeatedly- choose your battles.  Was this one that should have been picked?  It looks like a bunch of people throwing a fit- on both sides- because there are different opinions.  If that is the case, and your morals hold you to not support companies that have a different opinion from yours,  than I am assuming that you are also NOT a consumer at any of the following locations:  A-1 Storage,  AutoZone, Cracker Barrel, Cinemark, DISH Network, Domino’s Pizza, Exxonmobil, Gold’s Gym, Salvation Army, Urban Outfitters, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target, 3M, etc.  You can find out why at this site.

I tried NOT shopping at Wal-Mart for a couple of months.  My husband had me watch this documentary about the working conditions and wages of the factory workers oversees.  I felt like by shopping there, I was supporting them.  I made it 4 months of not shopping at Wal-Mart.  In a small town, that was hard…I had to either order things online and wait, pay more at other grocery stores, do without because other local stores didn’t carry it and THEY told me to check at Wal-Mart, OR have my friends pick up stuff for me at Target when they went to the nearest one (an hour away).  Finally, I just realized…I can’t do this.  I feel bad for the horrible conditions of those workers.  Yet, if I was to change my shopping habits over every company that wronged someone…I would have to make my own clothes, food, well…everything.

Who needs to worry about a zombie apocalypse…I think we are doing a great job of tearing ourselves apart.  ;P

And that folks, is My opinion that YOU did NOT ask for.  So, if you don’t like it- forget you ever read it.