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Writing to an Empty Room


Four years. That is how long it has been since I’ve touched my blog. I got more active on FaceBook, and left this in the past. But, I just quit FaceBook (Hi, my name is Cassandra and I am 5 days FB sober). Which naturally means, it is time to pick blogging back up.  There you go.  I’m blogging again.


I didn’t post the link to this blog on my FB account before I deactivated FB. So, I am writing to an emptry room.

That’s ok.  I am a writer (wanna be), and writers write. At least that is what many a famous author has said, “Write every day.” So I shall write for me. To jot down my memories, to recap my summer, and to enjoy the feel of the keys moving below my fingers. This might look like an emptry room, but I see a playground.

So- to my playground, I add the scene of a couple going on a date tonight, dreaming, talking about their beautiful daughters, and planning for the future when it will just, once again, be the two of them.

Jeff and I haven’t been on a date in awhile. We’ve just been busy, and we usually go out as a family. Today, however, “family” present is just the two of us.  I dropped the girls off at a church to leave for camp. They will be gone for 6 days, and when they come back- Jeff and I will be gone for a Chrysalis weekend. I miss them already.

And now, I think of how beautiful they look. I think of how quickly they have changed from young kids to young ladies. In just a couple of weeks, Mikaila will be a teenager. In just a couple of months, Brianna a freshmen. Be still my heart- I cannot handle this! What happened to all the time we were supposed to have with them?  What happened to the things we were supposed to do with them? We never got to take them to Disney World. We never got to take them to another country.  We never got to buy a house where they each had their own room. We never…


We had dreams- not all of them came true. This is not what I had planned.


It is/was what we got.  And I am thankful.

I will continue to dream. I will continue to dream about my dreams (writing a book), and I will continue to dream of who my daughters will grow up to be.

Time is short. But, thankfully, there is no time limit on dreams.