Summer Week 6: The Family that Pranks Together…usually ends up in a constant state of revenge…


Yup, I’m a little behind.  It is middle of summer week 8- and I am just now getting to my post from 2 weeks ago.

So, do you ever easily agree to something because you know there is a big chance it actually won’t happen?  Yeah, sometimes I do that.  We were up in Missouri (week 5) and my sister had asked if my 8 year old nephew could come stay with us in Texas.  We would be coming back to Texas for a  week then heading back up to MO for our camping trip (to be posted later…as summer week 7…).  I really had no problem with this, but part of me thought that my overprotective sister would chicken out last minute when she realized that her only begotten son was going to be 6 hours away for 11 days.  She didn’t.  He came home with us.

We have two girls.  Two girls who are fun, brilliant, and amazing- but not overly chatty all the time.  So, it was fun listening to my nephew talk almost nonstop.  The week Alex was down with us, I was helping with VBS at a local church.  They would play during the day, we would go to church at night.  One day, after VBS, I got a crazy idea of calling my overprotective sister and pulling a prank on her.

“Amber…umm, we are at the store…I can’t…I can’t find Alex…”


“I went down one aisle, I thought he was right behind me…and …Amber…I can’t ….I don’t know where he is…”

Amber starts sounding a little panicked, I’m trying not to laugh…all the kids (including her son) are laughing in the back.  Finally Amber realizes he is fine and safe.  But, she wants to talk to him.

The kids and I laughed over this later.  They all decided we should do this every day.  So, every stinking day- we would call…and tell her about something “horrible” that happened with Alex.  One day, he drowned. Another day, his finger was cut off.  I realize that it was liking crying wolf, but I knew nothing bad would happen to Alex in my care, so we continued.  Amber has sworn that she will get revenge.  I believe she will.  I believe that she will also take a long time.  I will forget about it and out of the blue she will strike.  That is ok.  Because I will strike back.  I see this as a never-ending battle…but…the ball is already in motion, there is no stopping it now!


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  1. Just Waiting…and honestly…I don’t have to worry about you strinking back only because with the 50 million things you do you will forget all about it in your waiting period.

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