Summer Week 5: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Missouri…


Week 5 of our summer consisted of a trip to Missouri to visit my family.  The plan was to stay Monday through Friday.  Jeff, not because he doesn’t love visiting my family just really likes his own bed, and quiet, and Texas food… tried to talk me into making it Monday through Thursday.  See, my family- well, we are loud.  We are very loud.  And there is always a bit of drama when we are there for longer than a weekend stay.  Jeff- not so loud…not very dramatic either.  In our preparations for the trip, I could have been the nice wife that comforted and prepared Jeff.  But really- what is the fun in that!  My family, aside from being loud and dramatic, are also Greek.  My mom can cook some amazing Greek dishes.  Jeff has never acquired a taste for the lemon, pepper, and grape leaves in some of the delicious dishes my mom prepares.  Sunday night, I found myself at the store by myself talking to my mom.  We were talking about the meal plan for the trip. I told her, “You know what would be REAL FUNNY?!?!  If you sent Jeff a text that was the menu for the week.  Except instead of putting the real menu…make it a Greek menu…EVERY DAY!”  So, the plan was set in motion.  The plan- my mom text Jeff the menu about an hour after I got home, I play innocent to the knowledge of the menu details so he has to read them to me, thirty minutes later my mom sends a text that says she was just kidding.

That night, Jeff and I were in the bedroom packing our bags for the trip.  Jeff’s phone goes off.  I think nothing of it, as his phone goes off all the time, until he has a very dramatic reaction to the text.  “Are they serious!”  Ah- I know what the text is about now…the menu.  My mom had went above and beyond…she had plenty of Greek dishes for each of the nights, but the winner was Thursday nights dinner plan.  My brother would dig a hole in the ground and we were going to roast a whole lamb on a spit.  Jeff bought it.   He was worried.  He knew he could disappear for dinner one night, but he didn’t know how he was going to find an excuse to skip dinner EVERY night.  I was laughing because …well, like I said his reaction was very dramatic.  We carried on through the night- with him worried about the food…all night…because my mom forgot to send the “JK” text.  Don’t worry- eventually I told him the truth.  To which he was very relieved.

Poor Jeff, because that same night…well, he trusted me with something he has never trusted me with before…his hair.  He has talked many times about buzzing his hair off.  I have always told him he should do this is the summer- so if he (or me) doesn’t like it- it will grow back before school starts.  He brought it up again on Sunday evening.  I said, “hey- let’s just do it!  It is summer.  No more talking about it- let’s just do it!”  So…yeah… let’s just say due to a slight mishap on my end…his hair ended up a lot shorter than he had wanted it.  I had buzzed most of his hair to a level 3.  It was long enough that he was comfortable with it, but still buzzed.  I was almost through….almost did it correctly…but then, the great slip of 2012 happened.  I took the cover off to clean out the hair and put it back on and buzzed a strip of his hair…at a level 1 (the shortest level).  I immediately was both crying and laughing hysterically.  I do think, in my defense, that it looks good- once we had to buzz the rest of his hair to the same length…

I wish that was all the abuse Jeff suffered this trip- but alas, it is not.  He is a great man, who puts up with a great deal.  Thanks Jeff for being a better man than anyone I know.

On our drive to Missouri, Jeff tried to get the girls to signal a truck driver to honk his horn.  Mikaila misunderstood Jeff’s gesture and ended up giving the “loser” signal to the poor truck driver.

Jeff was subjected to some Greek food while in Missouri…but he actually didn’t mind the gyros, so it was ok.

With his freshly buzzed bare head, he was subjected to many outdoor activities.  Fortunately, no sunburns ensued.

We had a great visit with my family…I have over 1500 pictures to go through from the trip…I will post the link the the pictures …later…

I think week 6- we will give Jeff a break.


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