Summer week 4- HAIRtastic


This week has been all about the hair!  If you know me well, you know I like my hair.  I like to have fun with my hair.  I prefer my hair to be short.  It is a bit ironic, then, that I don’t want my girls to have short hair?  It isn’t that I don’t want them to have short hair…it is just that they have really pretty long hair!

In the typical “mom” fashion, I have had struggles with my girls.  And they’re not even teenagers yet!  Well, I say things…sometimes, I really don’t mean what I say.  For example, when I am brushing Brianna’s hair, and it is tangled, and she is complaining, sometimes I might have said, “well, we can just cut it all off, then we wouldn’t have this problem.  Would we?”  I really didn’t mean it.  I love her hair.  Thick, holds a curl, soft, and beautiful.  I didn’t want to cut it off.  However, Jeff has heard me say that many times…and it got him thinking.  He somehow talked Brianna into cutting it off.  This was months ago.  I have used excuses, justifiable reasoning, and avoidance to put it off.   With summer, most of my excuses were moot.  Brianna reminded me of this…frequently.  So, this week, I bit the bullet and we got her hair cut.  15 inches came off in one fell swoop to be donated to locks of love…and then there was still a big pile on the floor.  She loves her new hair cut, and I must admit- I love it, too.  Although- I have found myself looking for my daughter- even though she was standing right in front of me and I didn’t recognize her.  Ok, before you laugh- she had her back to me!   The cut brings out her natural curls.  It is so curly!  I didn’t realize how curly it was.

That was Monday.  Tuesday was my turn!  I have wanted to do something a little different to my hair for awhile.  I was letting it grow long for graduation.  I added some blond highlights to it, but let it grow.  When graduation came, I was wanting to dye it a wild color.  Then I remembered that I would have to go to job interviews.  So, yeah- you can’t get a teaching job when you have unnatural colored hair.  They frown upon that.  So, I have a job.  I have a couple of months before I have to start my teaching job…it was time for me to do something with my hair.  My wonderful hair stylist added purple to the front.  I went a bit more tame than I wanted, because I was just thankful that Jeff was ok with it.  Now that he has seen it, he likes it.  He has already found me a more wild color/style for next summer.

Other highlights of this week- and then pictures!!

Mikaila’s softball team won first place!  It was a nail-biter game that went into an extra inning.  Mikaila had a great season!
Jeff and I helped with a little landscaping for his mom and dad.  The girls got to go swimming with some friends.  I just love it (being a little sarcastic) when you haven’t seen your child for a day, and when you come to the friends house- not even to pick them up, just to hang out- they see you and say, “awwww man…”  Umm, I’m sorry, my child that I love…you will always be happy to see your mother!!  I got to train a friend on her new iPad.  I love it when I can share my knowledge with others.  Wednesday night, we got to hear a teenager talk about his experience on a missions trip to Haiti.  It is encouraging when others are put in situations where they see beyond themselves.  Often times, people only look to their own needs and wants.  Yeah, me too.  Which is why I said it is encouraging when others do that!  😀  Gives me something to aspire to.  Friday night was Relay for Life- we stayed for a couple of hours,  but decided to come home to the comforts of our bed.  Saturday we celebrated my nieces birthday.  She shares a birthday with her Big Pappy, so I got a cute picture of the two of them together.  You can check out to read more about his birthday.

Next week will be great!  My youngest baby turns 9, we will be in MO visiting my family, and Jeff (I can’t say because he isn’t telling many people- but it is something good).  It will be a week with lots to write about!



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