Summer: Week 3


So, yeah- I’m a bit behind…goal was to have this posted Sunday night…but, as you will see…we were busy!

Define lazy. That was my day. At first I was proud of myself because I woke up with Jeff. But, after he left for work…I parked it on the couch. Watched Battlestar Galactica. I have seen this series before, and I know I am finally out of school so I should be watching other shows I haven’t seen…like Lost….but…I have had “All Along the Watchtower” stuck in my head for several weeks. Besides, if something is good…it does not hurt to re-indulge in it.  After a couple episodes, I called to check up on the job offer that was on was premature.  Yeah…it isn’t happening- budgets being held, things unsure, etc. So, sinking into a blah mood…I spent the majority of day watching the tv show. The girls didn’t mind…because Mommy’s lazy day meant they got a lazy day.  Things on my to-do list that did NOT get done:  graduation thank you cards (I do have some done…), take the girls to VBS, clean house, write, …etc..

Saturday we had started the 30 day shred. When I say we…I mean all 4 of us. We are pretty sore. The girls recover a lot faster than Jeff and I.  Even though we hate Jillian (and we frequently tell that to the tv as she makes us do 2 min of push-ups!!), I do like that as a family we are working out together.  We go camping in a couple of weeks, I want the girls to be ready to hike all day.  This workout is one of the things up my sleeves to help build up their endurance.  But, I still hate Jillian.

Monday night was softball playoffs.  If the girls won, then they would be first place champions.  If they lost, we would have to have another game. Mikaila has played so hard this year!  She was a little disappointed that she didn’t get to be catcher like she was last year, but she still played her heart out.  When she wasn’t focused on waving at us 🙂  Since I do have my new camera…I took some play shots while they were warming up.  Yes, any excuse to play with my camera.  They tied the game…but I was very proud of how Mikaila played.

During practice, Mikaila was trying to catch ALL the balls

Tuesday, I DID wake up in time to take the girls to VBS.  They were glad.  I was feeling a bit more productive, so instead of going home to tackle my to-do list…I went to Jeff’s office.  I worked a bit on the presentation that I was to be giving on Saturday.  Just a little.  I spent the majority of the time watching Big Bang Theory.  To my presentation, I say: Bazinga!

Wednesday, made it to VBS…hung out with Jeff…BUT, the afternoon was full of car troubles.  Jeep had been acting up, and that day after VBS it wouldn’t start.  But that is ok.  The day was salvaged with some awesome friends.  The girls and I hung out with the Gibsons and had a great time.  The girls and I got our first sunburn of the summer, had some good laughs, AND got the BEST upside down pineapple cake.  Here is where I shall insert that my waistband has …been expanding this summer…and this did NOT help….  Didn’t stop me from enjoying it though.

Thursday was a great day!  Was it because I got my to-do list done?  Pfft- NO.  Was it because I got my presentation done?  Nah- still had plenty of time before…Saturday.  I took the girls, plus 2 others to VBS.  Well, the youngest girl was too young for VBS.  I know how I am when I think someone is taking the girls somewhere, I make plans.  So, I didn’t want to return the little girl just yet, in case her mom was the same… I asked the little girl if she wanted to hang with me.  She said, “yes, can you take me to the park?”  Umm..ok, I can do that.  Long story short…I took her and my niece to the park.  They played, had fun, and I got some great pictures!  After VBS, I had a house full of kids- and we had fun!  That night, Jeff and I went on a double date with their parents, Jamey and Lisa.  It was Lisa’s xxth birthday (not going to say her age…but she IS older than me…and Jeff muhahahahah).  We went to the movies (Prometheus…good movie!  Yes, I jumped and cried like a baby…even though no one else really did…).  After the movies we went to dinner at The Roadhouse.  I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out afterwards.  I can’t wait to go on another double date with them 🙂  ((Since we didn’t scare them away the first time!!  Cause you know how wild and crazy Jeff is ;p)).  Another reason why Thursday was a good day…I got the call that said..>I HAD A JOB!!!  I am the new 6th grade teacher at Crockett Intermediate School.  Yes, I studied for English…yes, I wanted to work at Chisum…but….I HAVE A TEACHING JOB!!!!  Yes, you are free to dance and sing with me right now.

KK & Kaylee best friends

Weekend- the girls stayed with Jeff’s family while we went to Dallas  Fort Worth.  This was my last time presenting as a Chisum employee…not my last time presenting 🙂 I plan on doing that as much as possible.  I was presenting with 2 of my really good friends, only thing that would have made it perfect…is if our other friend was presenting with us.  We had a great time.  What happened at TREA (the conference)- stays at TREA.  Ok, nothing bad happened 🙂 I am just tired of typing, the girls have put on a movie, and I don’t feel like going in to too many details at the moment.  BUT- there is ONE REALLY SUPER DUPER FUNNY thing that happened…well, if you are a geek…you will find the humor in it.  So, it is LATE Friday night.  Angie, Katherine, Jeff, and myself are in the hotel room working on the visuals of the presentation.  There is a part where we talk about robots, androids, and humans.  Following is the conversation:
Me:  What android should we use?
Jeff:  What about Data?
Me: Ohh yeah, Data would be great!
Angie:  Who is Data?
Me:  Data….from Star Trek….
Angie:  (after thinking for a few seconds) ohhh yeah, I know him …he is the gold guy…
Katherine:  Oh, yeah- ok, I know the gold guy.  How is he an android?
Me:  An android looks human, but is a robot…
Katherine: Yeah, so how is the gold guy an android?
Me:  (pulling up a picture of  Data, because I’m thinking they really don’t know who they are talking about) That is Data…
Angie:  Ohhh, ok…
Katherine:  So, who was the other guy…
Me: ….that “gold guy” would be C3PO…from Star Wars…
Katherine:  Yeah, yeah…ok…so Data…I know who he is…he is the guy that worked with Captain Kirk…
Me:  That would be Captain Picard….

I still love them…even though they were mixing sci-fi stories…


Time to wrap this week up!  Sunday- we got home after having almost left MY NEW CAMERA at the hotel…thankfully we were only 45 minutes out and everyone was fine with turning around to get it.  This was both the fault of myself and Jeff.  he would like to say it is just my fault that the camera is left…but this time…we are both at fault!  Sunday night we took the girls to see Brave.  Loved it!!!  The girls cackled…CACKLED through many parts of it.  If you have seen the can probably guess which parts got the biggest laughs.

Stay tuned for Summer Week 4…it is ALL ABOUT HAIR!!!  ok, so not all..but…some cool things happen 🙂


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