Summer: Week 2- The Hunt for a Job Kind of Continues


I had big dreams.  Well, I guess I always do.  The specific big dream I am talking about this time is in regards to my career.  I started college late in life.  I was 31 when I graduated with my BA.  I just knew with as talented as I am, with as many things that I have done, that a teaching job would just fall in my lap.  I graduated a month ago- and my lap is empty.  As of right now…I might have a job.  But, chances are…I might not.  So, read on and let the story begin…

Once upon a time, I drove to Dallas and back with something wrong with the Jeep.  That was last week.  We took it to the shop this week, so Monday I was without a vehicle at the beginning of this week.  My plan was to hit the road and personally deliver my resumes to the local schools.  I am dedicated to finding a job.  I’m just not dedicated enough to want to walk all over town and turn in resumes.  First, I would be all sweaty and nasty because this IS Texas, and it IS summer… Second, umm..well, I think the first reason is really all that I considered.  I spent the day doing laundry and touching up my cover letter.    I think I let the girls play outside in the water hose that day.  They had fun and turned our backyard in to a swamp.  They even tried to catch some frogs.  Noble effort that would not have ever worked.  First, they intentionally made a mud hole.  When that didn’t seduce a frog to show up, they got a tupperware bowl.  I’m not sure if they were trying to accomplish when they filled it with mud, water, grass, and flowers….but I’m guessing they thought it was an attractive resort for a frog.  By the end of the day (or rather EVERY five minutes when they checked) they were disappointed that no frogs “checked in”.

But I digress, that had nothing to do with me finding a job.  I had a very successful interview at Rivercrest.  It went so well, I just KNEW I had that job.  So, when I didn’t get the job…well, I was depressed.  I also was humiliated.  I had posted on FaceBook how well it went- and everyone was so encouraging.   So, when I had to post that I didn’t get it…yeah, humiliating.  It was embarrassing to have everyone know that I wasn’t good enough for something.  I know, I know…I have learned that to get a job in this town you pretty much have to know the right person.  As I have spent 5 years at one school district and not any of the others…I don’t know the right people.  My resume is awesome.  My experience is exceptional.  I am talented at what I am good at.  And yet…no one has been looking at that because, well…I don’t know the right person.  The joys of a small town.

Car troubles.  I couldn’t go around and turn in resumes because car was in shop.  So, thanks to a wonderful friend who let me use her car (I love you, Katherine!!) I spent Tuesday going around turning in resumes.  I heard a LOT of “we don’t have any positions open right now…”  But, I did hear one…”Ohhh…so you are so-and-so’s friend….we are interviewing for this position on Thursday.  Would you be available at 1?”  Uhh yeah!!!  I did not post this to facebook…remember…didn’t do so well with the humiliation of praises/support when I didn’t get the previous job from an interview.  I did text some friends, but didn’t want many to know about it.  The interview came and it went amazing.  But, I interview well…I don’t get nervous, I’m a people person, and I know my stuff.   So, I wasn’t surprised that I did well.  Besides…this was an interview for a 6th grade math position…and I majored with an English concentration… The HIGHLIGHT of the interview is when I quoted Christopher Walken during the interview.  I was asked if I played a musical instrument (it wasn’t part of the official interview questions- just a side question), I said no.  The lady continued with, “what about a cowbell?”   How was a supposed to answer that without quoting, “I’ve got a fever and the only cure is more cowbell!”  Fortunately, most of the people in the interview knew I was referencing this skit.  They told me it would be a week before I knew one way or the other if I got the job.

I got the call Friday.  The call was to let me know that at the Monday night board meeting they would be taking my recommendation to the board for the job.  I don’t think I have ever heard of a board saying no to someone that has been recommended- so, this was a call that I took as “you have the job!”  So, I texted several friends and family to let them know the good news…and as Jeff and I were in Tyler with Jan and Terry, we celebrated with some Andy’s.  ((Ok- it does not matter that I had already planned on going to Andy’s first…now I had a good reason to go!))  I was excited.  I felt validated.  I felt hopeful. I felt excited.  I felt…you get the point- a slew of positive emotions.

And within a couple of hours, as high as I felt – I felt as equally low.  I missed a call- and when I checked the voicemail, it was the principal saying that before she even made it to the central office to turn in my recommendation…she got a call saying they had put a hold on that position.  So, she doesn’t know why or what is going on…but there will be no recommendation going before the board on Monday.  She will let me know on Monday what is going on…but, my guess is one of two things.  1) budget cuts and they won’t be filling that position at all.  OR 2) I don’t know the right person.  I am in this weird state of kind of having a job and not having a job.  I don’t like it.  Jeff said I should be proud of the fact that I beat out all of the other interviewees- BUT without a job that pride doesn’t pay my bills.  I was down for a bit, but now I am just…waiting for the door to open that I know God has opened somewhere.

I do know that I will find a job.  I don’t know when or where.  I don’t like that.  I also do know that I won’t be posting anything on Facebook about it until I have an appointment to sign my contract.  I will update my blog- as I am keeping this as my summer journal.

Enough about my unemployment…ish… It was a busy week.  Thursday we went to movies in the park.  Loved watching the Lion King with the girls and Jeff.  It made me look forward to 2013 when we take them to see the Broadway version in Dallas.  They will love it.  2013 is looking to be a good year with musicals…I plan on seeing several of them, but the one I am MOST EXCITED ABOUT is Wicked.  This is one of the VERY few plays/movies that I like better than the book.

Friday, Jeff, the girls, Jan, Terry, and I went to Tyler for a doctor appointment for Terry.  This was the first time I had been back to ETMC Tyler since December.  The appointment was good.  It was checking on the wound on his stomach.  The report was that the skin is growing back well and in 6 more months the wound should be closed.  I am pretty excited about this.  Today is Father’s Day and Terry is still here.  All reports are leading for that full recovery.  Friday night Jeff and I went on a date to the local comedy club.  We JUST heard about this local club, but apparently it has been around for a year.  We had a good time…there were several rednecks there– in the audience…but, what else should we expect from a small, Texan town.

Father’s Day.  I love the fact that the girls have such a wonderful father in their lives.  Earlier this week, I had the girls write letters and favorite memories about Jeff.  Their letters were adorable.  I also wanted them to draw something for him.  They are more talented when it comes to drawing than I am– so I was amazed at their creations. Take a look at what they did.


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