Summer- How I Love Thee


On one hand, summer has just started…but, in a sneaky ninja move…summer is also slipping away.

As I have first celebrated that I don’t have ANY HOMEWORK, as I have GRADUATED (everyone rejoices!!)…I have quickly filled up my schedule with tasks, projects, and sleeping in to make up for the time that would have gone to homework and classes. I imagined that life after college would be a little different. Free time, catching up on my reading, and writing my book that will mark me as a best selling author…that was the plan. However, I have yet to have much free time, I have fallen asleep three times while trying to read a book, AND umm..yeah, I haven’t put pen to paper yet for my book.

So, what have I been doing? Last week, I cooked dinner, went to the Great Wolf Lodge, had a church camp out, cleaned house, and tried putting my degree to work by attempting to find a job. I think that was a pretty busy week for what should have been a lazy summer!

First, I realize that those of you that do not know me that well are probably confused by the first item on my list.  Yes, I cooked.  But- the real important part is I didn’t burn ANYTHING!  The girls…well, they didn’t believe me.  However, as Jeff was at work when I fixed dinner…they had no choice but to accept the fact that I cooked several meals and didn’t burn anything.  Does this mean I have turned a new leaf and will now be able to do this on a regular basis?  Hahahah…no!   I did get the recipes off of pinterest.

I had been waiting to look at pinterest until after I graduated.   Now, that I have opened the door to pinterest…I’m getting some real neat ideas. Currently the search is revolving around hair styles.  I wanted to go pink, green, or blue just for the summer.  Then it dawned on me that wild hair might not be appealing during a job interview.  So, depending on when I get a job…I have some cool color ideas.

Great Wolf Lodge.  Wow.  We had sooo  much fun!  It was the first time that I had been.  First time the girls had been.  We left Jeff at home.  We have promised him that we will go back and take him with us.  Brianna went down all of the slides.  That in itself was amazing.  Of course, I did have to bribe her with ice cream…  I liked how kid safe the park was.  You could leave your kids to fend for themselves. I mean, not that I would do that…I wouldn’t think about spending the day in the hot tub while they ran around and played in the water.  The deepest pool was 4 feet.  Yeah, I totally would tell the girls to go play and come check in every once in awhile.  

The girls loved the lodge.  Brianna told Mikaila that she should live there since she loved wolves.  If she lives there, I simply must insist that she let her mother visit her–frequently!

When I dropped my friend off, I noticed that our Jeep had a funny smell to it.  I also noticed that the engine was whirring a lot louder (when it comes to cars that is as technical of a term as you will hear from me!) than normal.  The radiator was messed up.  I am just so glad that it made it through the drive to Dallas and back before it decided to act up.  I have wrecked the car once in Dallas…and I do not want to repeat any incident where I am 2 hours away from home with a messed up car.  Although, when I did wreck the car…I got sushi out of it…nah, still isn’t worth it…

The day after we got back from Great Wolf Lodge, we had a church camp out.  Ok, so if we are going to be technical- it was more of a lock in.  But there was a very good reason that we didn’t end up sleeping outside.  BUGS!  Lots and lots of bugs!!! Ok, so that was really my reason…but it was just extremely convenient that there were health issues that I could use as a back up excuse   justifiable reason to sleep inside.  We had a blast.  There were 15 kids, several adults, and well…I mentally I  fit somewhere in between the kids and adult that night.  We went on a photo scavenger hunt…had FUN.  I will be putting the pictures and videos together for a video on Sunday.  I’ll have to post the link here.   It will be worth watching.  Why?  Two words.  TIME TRAVEL!

Sunday was a good day with friends, singing, and food.  Too much food.  There was a benefit for Terry Rogers Sunday night.  They raised $5,000 for him.  Kind of awesome.  Friday, Jeff, the girls, and I will be heading to Tyler with Terry and Jan for a wound check up.  I anticipate a good report.  I also anticipate Andy’s Frozen Custard…I mean, when in Tyler…one must partake of the Andy’s.  I want to say it is a law.

Well, that is all for today- I will have to update week 2 on week 3…because it isn’t over yet.  I know, I did mention time travel earlier…even so, I am still restricted.


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