Confession of a Gradaholic


The girls are in bed, excitedly awaiting the first day of school.  I should be going over lists, writing stuff, and mentally preparing myself for the duties (fun and not so fun) that I get to do tomorrow.  Instead, I found myself working on my graduation party.  For the past several weeks, I have felt like Rebecca Bloomwood from “Confession of a Shopaholic.” Specifically, the scene where she really, really wants that green scarf. It becomes such a constant force in her thoughts that all she can hear people say is “scarf.”  That is where I am at, except the word that is constantly humming in my mind is “graduation.”

Graduation, graduation, graduation…264 days away! So, you can expect many cheesy grins from me this year…as I will have that chant on replay in my head.  I have no idea what happens in 266 days ( I know EXACTLY what happens in 265 days…can we say PARTAY!), but I do know that I will have finally accomplished something that goes beyond a degree.   I won’t have accomplished a “In Your Face” to those who looked down on me.  I won’t have accomplished any skills that I haven’t already picked up in my job.  I won’t have accomplished a 4 year degree in 4 years, while working full-time as well.  Nope, what I will have accomplished is setting the example for my daughters.  I will have accomplished giving them a goal to achieve (much earlier than I achieved mine).  If our four years of sacrifice will get my girls to grow up, graduate high school, and go to college- then I will have accomplished my true goal.  A better life for them.

Sweet dreams to those who are excited/nervous about their first day of school tomorrow!  I will be having sweet dreams of…you guessed it….graduation, graduation, graduation…


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