The Family that blows things up together…stays together


What a busy summer so far!  Tonight, the girls and I returned home from our trip to Missouri.  Thanks to my college schedule this summer, I didn’t think I would be able to visit my family in Missouri.  Things worked out and we were able to spend a week with my family.  We left on Mikaila’s birthday and my awesome sister had the house decorated for her birthday.  It was a special touch that made the 6 hour drive on her birthday a little better.

Another treat, is that my aunt, uncle, and cousins from Colorado were visiting as well.  It has been 5 years since we have seen them.  In the 5 years since we have seen them, my cousins Tawnie and Taylor, have grown into amazing young adults!  It is encouraging to see teenagers have such a good head on their shoulders!

Do you ever meet up with people you haven’t seen in a long time and are surprised when you realize they are the same as always?  Good surprise, but they have the same personality.  I don’t know why, but I guess I assume that people will be different when I don’t see them for a long time.  It is comforting that Uncle Rocky and Aunt Annette are the same as I remember them.

We had a fun visit!  We went to a water park- and guess who dove off of the diving board?  Well, of course Mikaila did- but…so did I!!  I jumped off of the low and high dive.  Now, read what I put- I jumped…I didn’t dive.  No fancy flipping here. I am getting older now, so I appreciate the fragility in my back and am confident a flip (turned back-flop) would do damage in my old age!  I also would like to point out that as I did not bring my swimsuit, I did this in my regular clothes.  Yup, oddball here.  There was a wave pool that the kids loved.  I did not attempt this- because 1) old age, 2) no swimsuit, and 3) too afraid!

We also went to Silver Dollar City.  Umm, this was a very unique trip. First, when we got there the little screen that talks to me in my car said I had 2 miles before empty.  Yes, I live on the edge!  Next, shortly after we got there I think I witnessed a man die.  I don’t know if he survived or not, and don’t know how to find out, so I just don’t know.  I was walking ahead with Brianna, David Lee, and Mikaila.  We were on a bridge, we passed this old couple and next thing I know the lady is shouting.  I turn around and the guy is on the ground right behind me.  She is screaming for help, a guy gets down and flips the old man to his side, I ran to the nearest booth and told the worker that we needed first aid. I ran back to the bridge, told the guy that help was on the way and grabbed the kids hands.  The wife was screaming for help and many people just stood around.  I wanted to do more to help, but am not a nurse, didn’t know what to do, and had the kids.  So, we did the best thing we could have done.  We got in a circle and prayed.  After, I looked up and realized no one had come to help the guy.  His face was bright red and his hands were curled in.  I ran back to the guy at the booth and shouted again that we needed help and that the guy wasn’t breathing. He came to the bridge to help direct traffic and said that first aid had been called.  Well, first aid finally comes WALKING to the guy, takes their times cutting off his shirt, and then engages in CPR.  I have been trained in CPR, have seen it in movies, but never in person.  The guy was pushing so hard down on his chest, his stomach was rising real high.  The lady put an oxygen mask on the guy and they worked on him with chest compressions and oxygen.  When they would stop to check, there was no movement from the guy.  His family, which included his wife, daughter, and grandson, were standing on the bridge crying and watching all of this go on.  This went on for almost 10 minutes.  The ambulance came and put the guy on the stretcher.  At that point, it looked like he started breathing on his own.  However, I’m not positive on that because the guy was still doing chest compressions.  He was taken away and that is all I know.  Throughout the day I would stop and think about him, his family, and just pray.  Pray he was alright, pray his family had peace, and thank God for everyone in my family.

Aside from that, the rest of the day was great!  Brianna does not like roller coasters and David Lee had talked her into riding this little roller coaster. He told her that it stayed close to the ground. Well, he and I both forgot that it did have one high drop.  As soon as we got to that part of the ride, Brianna turns to David Lee and in a terrified scream, yells, “YOU SAID IT STAYED ON THE GROUND!!”  Needless to say, we could not get her to ride it again.  I don’t feel old (if you consider 30 old) BUT I do feel older whenever I ride these rides. It takes my body longer to recover after each ride.

There were many other adventures we had this week- but my favorite was lighting fireworks with my family.  In my brother front yard, we started off with sparklers.  That was fun watching my girls play with sparklers. They had been my favorite as a child.  We got a beautiful view of our fireworks, the neighbors fireworks, and a skyline full of many big shows.  Magical.

I am glad that I got to spend the time with my family.  I am glad that my girls got to make some really cool memories that they will cherish when they are my age watching their girls do the same.


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