Rogers World and the No Bummer Summer


Woah- *grabs a can of air and holds it up to her blog*  time to dust this sucker off and get to writing!

Summer- everybody loves it.  This summer, though, I am facing a dilemma!  College.  I have classes Monday through Thursday for the majority of my summer vacation!  On top of that I have online classes.  So putting a cramp on my summer glow.  Don’t worry- ever vigilant- I have a plan!! This plan includes maximizing the free time that I do have and making sure my girls have a no bummer summer.  I will post on this plan throughout the summer, AND for those of you who make it to the end of this blog- you will get the opportunity to assist in making this summer fun.  

Here is what has gone down so far:  Family Trip to the BEACH!!  I try to be kind with what I say in my social media outlets, but I’m just going to be honest…I was a little nervous about this trip.  We were all traveling in the same vehicle together.  Someone had told me on a good day the trip to Galveston would take 6 hours.  Well, it must not have been a good day for us because 8+ hours later (and one very interesting, slightly back-woods lunch later) we pulled into our hotel.  I could write a whole bunch on our beach trip, I posted pictures on facebook, so hopefully you have already seen them and I don’t have to go over them again.  The girls loved it, I loved it, and Jeff and I are trying to work in another trip to the beach before summer is over.

Yesterday, the girls and I  went to Six Flags.  We had a good time- and with season passes, we will be able to make day trips and go have fun again!  Now, Jeff wasn’t with us- so I took some liberties that I wouldn’t have taken if he was with us.  First, I let the girls play those silly carnival games.  My thinking was this- I know they are a rip off, the teenager attendant knows it is a rip off, and the by passers that probably laughed at us playing them as they passed us know they are a rip off.  However, my girls do not.  They are kids- so C’est La Vie…let them play the games. I let them play 2 games each (at $3 a pop) and let them pick out the game.  Mikaila- she is a little me- she picked out a game where you were guaranteed a prize.  Brianna picked the game where you throw a ball at three stacked blocks.  You have 1 try to knock all 3 off.  And you aren’t guaranteed a prize.  She knocked off 2/3.  And when the attendant gave her a high five and “good job!” She looked at him like he had lost his mind.  “That looked like it should have been easy.” She pouted as Mikaila wagged her tiny tweety bird around.  And now, Brianna is added to the list of people who know these games are rip offs.

At 6, we finally left Six Flags, and headed to hang out with my favorite Dallasonians.  We went to Donna’s house and met up with she and Forrest.  Had a very good and fun conversation while the girls got caught up on iCarly.  Good times were had by all.  And Donna- I think I figured it out…Malfoy!

The girls leave for camp Monday night, and Jeff and I have plans to go to Dallas again Thursday to see the concert at the Arboretum.  But more exciting than that….Sunday….and don’t be hatin….I am going to see …..NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK and BACKSTREET BOYS.  Yup…I know you are jealous…but don’t worry- I will keep you updated.  I might even record myself dancing and singing to their songs….just so you feel like you are there!

Congratulations- you have made it to the end of my post (or you have been creative and just skipped to the end)!  Here is what you can do to help me with my no bummer summer.  In the movie, Judy Moody and the No Bummer Summer, she makes a poster with lots of glitter (nope, I’m not doing that) and has double dares with points.  You can message me in private or on here a double dare (family friendly please!) and I will participate.  Each dare is 10 points…and I will document it and take pictures and share it with you.  If I reach 100 by the end of summer…then I will reward myself with …I don’t know…ice cream??? A trophy???  Making my husband sit through all 3 Twilight movies?!?!  So come on- be creative and send me a dare 🙂  1) family friendly and 2) REALISTIC!!!


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    • I will do it- and document it…and listen to my husband call me a redneck! But I should get some extra points if I actually purchase something while in said state ;p

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