Christmas Vacation- traveling


I am sitting in our suite- enjoying the heat of the fireplace, the girls are in “their” apartment having fun, and Jeff is enjoying not having to drive anymore.  Reflecting on what has led up to this point- I am just thankful that we made it!  First, I had the wreck last week that put our Jeep out of commission.  To solve that problem, we got a rental car- however..the trunk space of the HHR is smaller than the Jeep- so we were sardined in there.  It also prevented Jeff from seeing out the back of the car.

Those of you that know Jeff- know that he is a rule guy.  There are rules and you stick to them.  One of the rules he follows is the speed limit.  He was going the speed limit (70mph), the cruise control was set, AND we had our GPS unit on- which also tells us the speed limit- and it was 70.  So, when a Sheriff’s truck is behind us (which he can’t see- so I have to tell him to get over) and pulls Jeff over- he is confused at to what is going on.  The officer comes up and says he clocked him going 83 in a 70.  Jeff- tries to tell him he wasn’t.  Jeff was angry because the officer wasn’t listening- the officer was getting defensive- and I was afraid I was going to have to bail my husband out of jail.  Needless to say- Jeff was beyond mad when he got the ticket.  It ruined the rest of the day for him.  Our options- pay the fine…OR fight it.  Both of which aren’t fair since it will cost money, time, and we are innocent.  LOL- and we ARE innocent because Jeff was driving.  Had I been driving, well…yeah, I probably would have deserved the ticket.

Since Jeff was in a bad mood- I was extremely thankful that I loaded up my iPad with some books.  I read the majority of the time, the girls were in the backseat playing their psp’s, and Jeff was in the drivers seat stewing over the ticket.  We got to our hotel room and that is when we realized…woopsie- we didn’t designate an overnight bag.  So- the HHR’s back is packed tightly and our clothes bags are in the back and bottom of the pile… Fortunately our toiletry bag was front and center- we were able to get that out.  So yes, I am admitting that we wore the same clothes 2 days in a row- and even slept in them.  Does it make it better that we did shower?  Yes, yes it does (don’t you judge me!  You didn’t have to pack that small car! LOL).

For dinner-, we. were. TOURISTS!!!  We went to the Big Texan, got to ride in the limo there and back, and bought some cheap souvenirs for the girls.  The food was ok- but let me tell you…it is not as fun when you can’t eat the food.  But- we had a good time.  There were 3 old men playing music and Mikaila had been watching them.  When they finally came to our table and played- she was happy.   They played Rudolph and it was nice.

In the morning, we got ready and headed to the Cadillac Ranch.  The girls were excited that they were going to get to spray paint cars.  The clerk at our hotel had told us that we wouldn’t need to buy any spray paint, because people always leave their cans there.  So, with that expectation, we went with no cans.  When we go there, we started picking up all of the cans we could see and they were all EMPTY!  There was a couple there (which- I will point out, the only reason that Jeff did let us stop was because there were other people there.  He didn’t believe me that we were supposed to go there and paint the cars.) that was getting ready to leave and they gave the girls their cans.  They had fun and all too soon we were back on the road.

The drive was gorgeous.  I took several breaks from reading, just to stare out the window.

We are here now, tomorrow we have our ski lessons- and I will have hopefully the good news that I have not broken anything to share with you.  I’ll be uploading pictures soon!



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