Life Lessons


Life lessons.  They’re great.  They teach us stuff.  We don’t do that stuff again.  We tell others not to do that stuff.  And we laugh when they do that stuff anyway.  Well, maybe you don’t laugh- but I do.  And then I, of course, regain my composure and help them out. 

Some stuff that I have learned:
Be nice to the people who clean up your trash.
Read the manual before you ask (Jeff) for help.  And with that thought- rebooting your computer fixes most problems.  Oh yeah- and don’t call (Jeff) for help in the middle of rebooting computer, because he kind of gets annoyed when you say, “Oh hey. It is working now…thanks anyways-loveya-bye.”
When going on trips- keep an eye on the gas.   Prayers and fumes do not always get you to your destination.
Be nice to people who work at call center’s.  That is somebody’s mother/sister/husband/son just trying to earn a paycheck.  
When going to an event- make sure you 1) don’t leave the tickets in the car which is parked a mile away and 2) have the correct date of the event.

Yup, life lessons…love them.  I have learned many more things…and some things I am still working on learning.  And some things- just give it up, Jeff- I will never learn.  

Yesterday was the first day of my classes at Commerce.  This semester I am taking 3 classes.  One of which is actually at the school, the other two are online classes.  Knowing my tendancy to 1) get lost, 2) be late, and 3) be unprepared…I thought I would go off of past life lessons and leave early for this class.  I had to go to the book store to pick up the books for my other classes.  I had wanted to make sure that these books were available so Friday I placed the order through the online bookstore.  Delivery set for bookstore pick-up.  So, I get there and there is no place to park up close.   I have to go back 2 parking lots and park far away from where I know the bookstore to be.  I don’t really know where the building my class is going to be in- but hey, I’m here no worries.  Well, I park and get my purse and my laptop bag.  I walk the 5 miles (just a slight exaggeration) to the bookstore.  My shoulder is hurting because the laptop is heavy, I am sweaty because we are in Texas and it is HOT outside, but I still have time.  I get to the bookstore and find out that no- my books are not ready.  But, they do have the book for the class I need that night…ok- well that works.  I go to buy that book and hmm- that is when it hits me that I left my debit card in the car.  I had just taken it out of my wallet earlier in the day because I was trying to not spend money.  You know- out of sight, out of mind.  So- I tell the lady I will be right back.  I drag myself back out into the heat, walk the 10 miles to car, in the heat, with the laptop strap just digging into my shoulder…and get my debit card…only to make the 15 mile trek back to the bookstore to buy the book.  I get in- add a cold beverage to my order and finally pay.   It just goes to show that even when you try to make a plan- sometimes it still won’t work out.  Or it goes to show that sometimes being a little bit early does pay off.  Hmmm…I bet it could also show that being prepared (ie- having books before the day classes start) pays off.  Or maybe- well…maybe I shouldn’t take 2 pysch classes in one semester and try to analyze everything….

Enjoy whatever life lessons get thrown at you- and remember, wether or not you learn something…it always makes for a good story later 🙂


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