Psuedo College Student


For the past 2 years I have faithfully attended the junior college here in Paris.  It was a short term step to a long term goal.  Today, in the too-early morning hours, I have moved on from the junior college and am now a part of the big university.  While my sleepy brain protested to the 7:30 am start of the orientation, I actually enjoyed it.  They suckered me in and for the first time- I actually feel like a college student.  I have teased people that for many and various reasons I am a psuedo-student.  I’m an older college student, I take night and online classes, I don’t wear any t-shirts to proudly proclaim what school I go to, nor will you find a bumper sticker on my car.   I don’t partake in the college social life- basically I show up for class and go on with my life.   

I am so blessed for this opportunity to go to college- Thank you Uncle Sam!  But I hope that my girls see all of this work that I am doing- that they are all going through and will want to get college done and over with as soon as they can.  I want them to be young enough where they can participate in the college social life (well- the good parts of college life…of course!).  I want them to be on the college campus during the day and not have to worry about getting through a full time job and full time course load.  I want them to do better than what I have done- well what I am still doing.   I am fairly confident that will be the case, since to be a rocket scientist and a world traveling, award winning artist they will need a good college education. 

It’s funny- right now I have all of these amazing dreams, hopes, and curious thoughts as to what the girls will look like and chose for a career when they are older.  Right now my dreams for them are the stars.  And I don’t care how old they get or how frustrating the teen years will be- I hope they always feel like I am always believing that they can reach the stars.   

I have the fear that if I forget that- or at least forget to tell them as they get older that I still hold on to that belief- that they themselves will forget.  That leads to a road (haha not the dark side….) where you let life happen and you are just the bystander going with the way things are.  I want them to life their life and take control of it (as much as you can)- instead of life controlling what they do. 

Ok- enough talk about that- there is a mouse under my desk!   Ack!  And the cats are trying to get it…sooo umm…that tells me I do NOT want to continue to stay in this spot…no way!


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  1. I can so agree. I myself have been on hot pursuit of what I want to be when I grow up. And ya know?—-still have not an answer. I started college with no idea and STILL have no idea. I understand the push to want better for your girls, but sometimes LIFE does happen. Yes, they have these great fantasies of becoming a successful, independent, women, but you can’t disregard the most IMPORTANT career that you and I have embarked….motherhood. In my case I didn’t know what “job” or career I was to follow, but I DID feel God calling me to marry my husband. That was plain LIFE, right there! Continued to go to school until Ash was born and from them on I have felt called to stay home with him.
    My grandest dream for my babies is that they follow God’s will for their lives. Yes, that may mean that they are a rocket scientist, or even a housewife. College will always be there, jobs will always be out there, but our babies childhoods won’t.
    So in closing,(hahaha) I want to give you a pat on the back for going to college late…. you were a present mama. You put your goals and dreams on hold for your family and that deserves some recognition!!!!! Best Wishes to you on your new “college” journey!!!!

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