Throw-up & Eclipse


First, let me clarify with the fact that Eclipse will not make you throw-up! ( All you men out there can just swallow your disagreement with that statement before it crosses your lips)… However, a full belly of popcorn, candy, cough drops and chugged water will.  While Mikaila isn’t sick- she did throw-up in the middle of New Moon. 
I brought the girls because I wanted this to be a memorable event…and yes, now it is- not only for them- but for those that sat around us and had to live with the smell for the rest of the early morning.

So here’s what happened.  Prior to coming to the theater, Jeff had taken the girls to Capizzi’s.  Yummy, yummy greasy food for dinner.  Within 30 minutes of getting to the theater they asked for popcorn.  For the first movie, they had popcorn and dibbs.  And know the health background of my youngest: Mikaila does not have asthma, however- she gets the occasional coughing fit that requires the aid of breathing treatments.  She hasn’t had a couping fit in a long time.  Until this past week.  On our way to Missouri, she started coughing.  So- for the past couple of days she has had this constant cough.  So needless to say, during the movie, people were starting to turn and glare at my little girl when she would cough.  So- I left the movie to go get her some cough drops.  I went to the nearest gas station, hoping for some ludents- you know the fake drops- but all they had were the nasty halls.  Picking what I hoped was the least nasty of the flavors, I headed back to the theater where I made Mikaila suck on them.  She did not like the taste, so her solution was to take a large gulp of water and hold it in her mouth for a long time.  Then she would swallow it- and take another large gulp.  She repeated this process until she was done with the cough drop.  The cough drop worked for about 20 min, and then she started coughing again….so I gave her another…and she did the same thing.  After she was done with this one, she looked at me and said her stomach wasn’t feeling too good.  I asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom and throw-up, she nodded her head yes…then got this look on her face.  I immediatly put my hand to her mouth and frantically asked my friend to sacrifice her popcorn tub.  Caught most of it, but some leaked onto the seat and floor.  Not nearly as much as was in the popcorn tub and blanket.  It could have been MUCH worse.   I took her home- where Jeff took care of her (I have the best husband in the world)- and then, armed with Fabreeze, headed back to the theater.  So yeah- lesson learned…

Aside from that- let’s see…I got to the theater at 4:30- for the 7:15 show and there was already a long line.  I waited in the line alone, saved 12 seats alone, and then when friends showed up, I somehow got stuck in the worst seat of those I saved. 

Aside from that- the sound at the theater was muffled and the air conditioner wasn’t at it’s best. 

So- the conclusion- while I enjoyed the movie…I think I will go see Breaking Dawn in Dallas!


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  1. You can’t go see BREAKING DAWN in Dallas! You know we all have to go together. Since it is next November, surely I can get there earlier to help you save seats. Erik proved last night that he can handle things with the kids after all. LOL!

  2. Oh my….poor girl. You know you could always watch it in missouri with me for thanksgiving. ….just a thought. Give Mikaila a hug for me.

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