A Family that eats together- stays together


Before Texas- I did not like steak.
Before Texas- I did not like ribs.
Before Texas-I did not like roast.
Before Texas- I did not like brisket.

Now- I am betting you think you know what I will be saying next….well, let’s just see if you are right!  I have now lived in Texas for 4 years and let’s see what has grown on me.

After Texas- I still do not like steak (even though Jeff insists I NEED to take a bite of the best steak in the world)
After Texas- I still do not like ribs (even though Jeff insists I NEED to try a bite of the best ribs he has cooked)
After Texas- I don’t prefer roast (I have learned to enjoy the in-laws roast cooking, but if there is chicken around, I’ll eat that instead- even though Jeff insists I NEED to eat the best roast)
After Texas- I like brisket!!!  But- I mean..the good stuff…and lathered in BBQ sauce….

So- in maybe another 4 years I will be able to tolerate roast and enjoy the rare bite of ribs…HAHA NOT.  Although- I sincerely believe that Jeff thinks I just haven’t had a good enough piece of the meats yet.  That is the only conclusion I come to-since knowing I don’t like it- he keeps on insisting that I try it.  Jeff Dear, I know what steak and ribs taste like, and no matter how juicy, who cooked it, how they cooked, what it was cooked with- I DON”T LIKE IT!!!!  🙂  There now…I feel better.

While we were in Missouri, my brother cooked a brisket on his big green egg- and it was DEVINE!  Jeff know wants a big green egg more than ever…and for the low price of 2 months car payments…he can have one!   We will just add that to the pipe dream of our dream home.  It will have an outdoor kitchen with a big green egg and a hibachi grill.  All outdoors in the Texas heat.

Today is a good day- the rain is making it one of those comfy, stay home and go slow days.  Slowly cleaning kitchen (and it is going slower since I took a break to type this), got some things filled out for college in the fall, listening to Bach and other great classical hits, and enjoying the fact that the girls are actually playing well together!  And when I say they are playing well together- really I mean they are parallel playing well together. 

And as you all know I am a twihard, twinerd, whatever you want to call it 🙂  So today is the big day.  Yes, we already have our tickets…and yes it is for the whoel trilogy….and yes…I got them the first moment they went on sale.  The first of the trilogy starts at 7:15.  So the original plan was to be there around 5ish to get in line for a good seat.  Well, I just found out that they will start seating for the trilogy at 5:30….which means if other twihards have called and found this info out….I might have to go up there even earlier to get a good spot.  Now I realize it sounds crazy…BUT- here is the justification….I want a good seat…and the seat I get first will be the seat I get for all movies…so it has to be good..which means I might just have to spend my entire afternoon up there waiting for a good seat.  Of course I will have an update on this tomorrow 😉

I’ve got to go clean up the cupcake mess the girls made.  The cupcake Brianna made me was …..well, get back to me in 4 years…


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