She’s Home!!!!


We have patiently waited our 6 days- and we finally got to pick Brianna up from camp!  Right now Brianna is teaching Mikaila some of the oh-so-cheesy- yet-oh-so-cathcy camp songs.  “form the corn, form, form the corn…”  I will be humming this lovely ditty all night long. 

Because I try to be a “fairish” mom- I wanted this week from Brianna to be special time for Mikaila.  We have spent a lot of the time at the pool.  My left arm is peeling something nasty from the sunburn I got the first day.  Mikaila got kicked in the nose during swimming lessons and got a bloody nose.  Other than those two mishaps- the pool has been full of fun, sun, and friends!  Mikaila has also been going to VBS every day this week.  She got to bring her cousin on Wed. and her sister tonight.  She loved it- which is good, because she will get to do it all over again in a couple of weeks when we participate at the VBS at CUMC.  I will be helping out the the VBS- get to do the opening and closing bit 🙂  So- I think they will have fun with that.  Let’s see- back to Mikaila’s fun week…she pretty much got to do what she wanted, slept in bed with us all week, played on our cool toys, watched what she wanted…etc.  Today we went to Sherman and took her to Red Lobster (my request) to eat lunch and Chuck E. Cheese (her request)…we spent an hour there and got a handful of cheap, dime-a-dozen snakes for $15. But she had a lot of fun.  When we picked up Brianna they both had fun stories to share.

Brianna fell asleep on the way home- but not before telling us some of the stuff she did at camp.  She did the high ropes!!! Surprised me!  She met some new friends- and can’t wait until next year.  Next year they both will be going and Jeff and I are talking about us taking a little trip during that time.  back to Brianna’s camp…she got to go tubing on the lake, low ropes, high ropes, build and hang a birdhouse, they went to the beach every day, had church service every night, and that is all I got out of her before she fell asleep.  Tomorrow we head to Missouri for the weekend- and I hope that she will be more rested by then.   I am so glad to have her home!!

This coming week is going to be busy!  We will be in MO on a much needed trip to visit my family until Monday.  We are coming back Monday because I have class that night.  Umm- yay?!  Tuesday- we will have to rest up because me, the girls, and my “besties” are going to be seeing the Twilight Trilogy- yeah baby…that’s what I’m talking about haha.  Wed- will be a sleep and recover day.  Maybe pool.  Yeah- probably pool.  Next weekend we are going to Dallas to spend some time with friends and watch a ranger’s baseball game on July 4th.  The fireworks will be good.   

That’s all for now, I’m tired and have to pack for tomorrow’s trip.  The goal is to leave early….we will see if that happens.


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  1. I’m so glad Brianna had a great time. I told you that you would be surprised by the things she might do at camp. Hayley comes home from camp every year having tried something that I would have never dreamed of in a million years. You’re so lucky you got to go to Red Lobster. I’m lucky if I get to go once a year. Have a great weekend! See you Tuesday. ECLIPSE baby!

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