Father’s Day


What a day- what a week!  Time is going by so fast…where is the pause button!

Ok- so I have pictures of the day’s activities- but they are on my phone and Mikaila is playing bejeweled on my phone at the moment….so…those will come tomorrow- err..or the next time I post.  Unless she has my phone again 🙂  It annoys Jeff that I let my girls play with my phone.  BUT- my take is- when you have a super cool phone that does everything- use it!  Share the love!  Just please don’t break it…I also know deep down that I will probably drop/break it before they do.  That’s just the way I roll. 

Camp- Brianna is at camp today.  I miss her- but I am more excited for her…tonight…right now.   Don’t know how long the excitement will win out over the missing.  So- this is my first experience with camp.  I had registered her online- which required lots of questions to be answered- whose your dr?  age?  what kind of toothepaste…lol jk.  I figured with all of the info they asked on the online registration that checking her in today would be a breeze.  And was it- well- if you count the wind that blew through the trees during the TWO HOURS it took to check her in…then I guess it was.  We stood in 5 different lines.  5 different times of saying, “yes- this is Brianna…” and then retelling them what had already been told to them on the online registration forms.  And umm..in true Casey Fashion…I must have registered her wrong- because they had it that Cassandra (me) was going to camp….it was kind of awkward when we got to the cabin and I tried climbing on the top bunk….
I know Brianna will have a blast- and I know she is in good hands- and I know that she will probably smell when we go pick her up on Friday. 

Aside from that- I am feeling a bit summer stressed.  I have a house to clean (apparently going to the pool does NOT get that little task done), homework to do (which I am NOT wanting to do), a library stint to prepare for on Tuesday, and VBS to prepare for.  I think I know the solution to this stress- Da Pool!

Father’s Day.  Ok- I just want to say that I am 100% blesses and lucky and happy with the father in my girls lives.  Jeff is such a great dad.  He has made this holiday a good time in my life again.  There were many years where this holiday was very hard to get through.  Sometimes I play the what-if game and think how different would my life be if I had a childhood with a father.  I believe that Jeff and I would still have found each other…maybe in a different time and place….but it would have happened.   But- the game is just a game- and I am thankful for where I am now.  I have a great father-in-law and my husband is a great father.  For the most part- Jeff is very understanding- I say for the most part, because he tends to get annoyed when I try to take so many pictures of him and the girls and try to create “memories” of him and the girls.   I know history won’t repeat itself…but I think I am really just trying to live vicarously through their relationship. 

There is so much I want to write about- BUT- I am tired…so it is off to bed.


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