Summer and Friends


All I can say is WOOHOOOO- I don’t have to go back to work until August!!!  We finished with the training early today and got out at 2- I walked out of the school without looking back.  It is now time for summer to really begin for me.

And how did I celebrate this joyous event???  I took a nap!  I didn’t mean to- but it happened.  Jeff was at work, and the girls were playing, so I laid in my bed with a book that I had been trying to finish the past week- and next think I know Jeff is waking me up.  It was after 6…and apparently the girls had fallen asleep too.   The unexpected nap was nice.  Except that now it is almost midnight and I’m not quite ready for bed. Oh well- it is summer now so I can stay up late 😉

Today has been a very nice day…aside from the done with work and sneaky nap.  I feel very blessed.  I have friends and family that I would not trade for anything.  I was reminded of this when I checked FB this morning and saw that it was my friend Karen’s birthday.  She has been my friend since we first moved here (which has amazingly been FOUR years already).

So I was king of just feeling sentimental today and thinking of all my friends out there- in Missouri and Texas- who have made my life fuller through the friendships.  I have seen people who have shallow friends who stab them in the back, friends who are jealous and compete, friends who would abandon them in their time of need- and I am glad that I do not have to count those types of friends as those in my close circle.

Without naming names because 1) I don’t know who will read this and 2) I don’t want to accidentally leave someone off and hurt their feelings (which if you are my friend you know that I am scatterbrained…) so I will just say this to my friends:
THANK YOU and I LOVE YOU!  Thinking of each of you- I know that I have surrounded myself with people who are better than I am.  You inspire me, motivate me, encourage me, and make me want to be better.  You each have something unique and special that I have learned from.  You keep me humble and blessed- and I am a better person because of you.  You will never know how much you have impacted my life- but just know that you have.  There is depth to my life because of you.

Ok- now that I got that off of my chest.. I can move on to less embarrassing gushes and rants 🙂 I have a busy week ahead of me…and I could use an OCD friend to help keep me on track!!!  Aside from the usual torments of college work and cleaning house- I have several other things I need to do.  Let’s see- work on an activity for library next week, buy and pack things for my baby girl’s camp trip *sniff*, I was going to make them tutu skirts for a princess party this weekend- but yeah- I think I’m just gonna not do that…but I do have to go through their pile of dress up clothes to find suitable princess dresses.  Lots more little things that have to be done this week- but I like it that way.

The girls are taking swimming lessons- so tomorrow I will put up some pictures of my little fishes.


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