Day 2 & 3


It was another early morning on Saturday.  I have met my quote for summer!!  No more early mornings!! 

Saturday we (Karen, Jana, and myself) had a yard sale at the church.  It was odd- every other time I have participated in a yard sale I have had people come up while we are still setting up and buy stuff.  We had an early yard sale- because that is when people come to yard sales…early.  Not yesterday.  It was slow the first part of the morning.  I got Brianna up after awhile to set up her lemonade stand. 

Brianna manned the lemonade stand the majority of the time.  Mikaila was sleeping.   I had let the girls make the lemonade stands from apple boxes (the computer-not the fruit).  Mikaila had misread my handwritting though and put “lemonado stand” but I don’t know where I put that box.  I will try to find it and put up a picture.   When Mikaila finally did wake up and come out to sell her lemonado- she got distracted by the kittens that a church member brought.  Brianna had gone inside to cool off- so when Mikaila abandoned the stand to go pet the kittens- the stand went out of business. 

So the original plan was to close the yard sale at 11.  But we couldn’t.  People kept coming.  And since they kept buying- we stayed open.  Plan B was to close at noon.  We had a couple stragglers – but at about 12:15 we were done!  ready to quit! burnt! and starving!  So…we decided to call it quits.  However- as I said, we were tired and had horrible headaches that we thought were agitated by the heat and the lack of food….and the lack of willingness from the husbands to go get food.  So, we took a risk and decided to just leave the yardsale and go get some food.  While yes- this was a bit risky…someone might come and steal the junk that we were wanting to NOT have to pack up and take back home…yes…we were very willing to take that risk! 
As we were pulling out of the church parking lot- a truck pulled in.  Oh we hoped and prayed that they would take some stuff…just not the tables 😉  (which I say that- because there was a car that drove by 3 times before finally stopping and asking if the tables – that all our stuff was on – were for sale).  We came back- and bummer- all our stuff was still there.  But- as we pulled up…another car pulled up!  Geesh what was up with that!  We had a couple more peope show up after our lunch break.  Shortly after 1 we were finally done with our 7-11 yard sale.  

When that was done- I had homework that I had to get done.  I am going to chose to not say anything about my classes because…I just. want. to. be. done! 

Next- was girl scout sleep over for both girls and a gymnastics show for Mikaila.  I will be posting Mikaila’s dance on youtube and linking it here- once I get Jeff’s phone away from him.  Yes- my phone is slightly jealous of his phone.  But my phone will survive.  The girls had a blast!!  I am behind on my updates….so I will be adding more to this later…but here are some pictures:


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